Monday- Ecological footprint 

Ecological footprint notes

Tuesday- Human Era Project presentations

Eras of Human History project

Wednesday-Intro to Ecology

Thursday- Ecological Organization

Ecological Relationships

Friday- Unit 1 Test 



Week of 8/13-17/18 Chemistry

Monday- Periodic Table

Characteristics of Metals and Non-metals

Characteristics of Metals and Nonmetals


Tuesday- Periodic Trends 

Periodic Table Trends

Periodic Trends Worksheet (ionization energy, atomic radii)

Electronegativity Worksheet

Wednesday- Periodic Table Review & Density Calculations

Opening 8.15.18 

Periodic Table and Atomic Structure Review-Notes

**Periodic Table trading cards due Monday 8/20/18

Thursday- Recite the Atoms Family song



Week of May 14th-May 18th

Career Projects due Friday, May 18, 2018

** Work on Final Exam Review Guide**


Molarity example 1

Molarity example 2

Molarity example 3

Molarity example 4

Tuesday- Molarity, Dilutions, & Molality

Factors affecting solvation

Molarity practice problem

Dilution practice problem

Molality practice problem

Wednesday- Dilutions and Acids & Bases

Characteristics of Acids and Bases

We worked on a Dilution lab in class. Lab Report  is due tomorrow.

Work on your final exam review guide. You can watch posted videos to review past concepts.

Thursday- Final Exam Review Guide

Friday- Career Projects