Week of May 14th-May 18th

Career Projects due Friday, May 18, 2018

** Work on Final Exam Review Guide**


Molarity example 1

Molarity example 2

Molarity example 3

Molarity example 4

Tuesday- Molarity, Dilutions, & Molality

Factors affecting solvation

Molarity practice problem

Dilution practice problem

Molality practice problem

Wednesday- Dilutions and Acids & Bases

Characteristics of Acids and Bases

We worked on a Dilution lab in class. Lab Report  is due tomorrow.

Work on your final exam review guide. You can watch posted videos to review past concepts.

Thursday- Final Exam Review Guide

Friday- Career Projects 



Week of April 23rd-27th

**Stoichiometry Re-test Tuesday 4/24 7:40am-8:15am. You must have the completed remediation packet to re-test.**

Monday 4/23/18- Specific Heat & Review Stoichiometry

Opening April23

Stoichiometry Peer tutoring review

See teacher for Specific Worksheet

Tuesday  4/24/18- Specific Heat & Calorimetry 

Opening April 24 example 1

Opening April 24 example 2

Specific heat & calorimetry calculations worksheet

Wednesday 4/25/18-Intro to Ideal Gas Law

Ideal gas law notes and example1

Ideal gas law notes and example2


Week of April 9th-13th

Help for calculating Stoichiometry problems!!!

Intro to Stoichiometry video

Stoichiometry tutorial

Monday- Intro to Stoichiometry

Stoichiometry notes4.9.18

Stoichiometry Problem Set

stoichiometry example

stoichiometry example 1

stoichiometry example 3

Tuesday- Intro to Stoichiometry (continued)

Stoichiometry tutorial video

Opening April 10

Wednesday- Intro to Limiting Reactants

Opening April 11

Limiting reactants notes and examples

percent yield example

Thursday April 12- Stoichiometry and Limiting Reactants Review

Opening April 12

Friday April 13- Review for Assessment 





Extra credit/Grade replacement assignments (optional)

Each assignment that you submit for extra credit must be completed in its entirety. Each assignment is worth 20 points each. You will be responsible for printing off the assignments and completing them. Make sure you read the requirements for each assignment carefully and follow the directions. The deadline for submitting any assignments for extra credit is Wednesday, April 11, 2018 at 2:00pm. Assignments may be submitted earlier. Since this is an optional assignment, there will be NO extensions given beyond this date.

Chemical Bonding Bonus Activity

Chemistry Elements Bonus Project

Unit 2 Atomic Structure Project

This packet contains 15 or more activities. Each assignment is worth 5 point each. You must complete at least 5 activities from this packet in order to receive extra credit. You may complete as many activities from the packet as you like but 5 is the minimum that you must complete. Print off the sheet that lists the activities and circle the ones that you have completed and submit it with the completed activities.

The Periodic Table Packet Bonus Activities

Making rock candy lab (worth 50 points) 

For this extra credit activity, you must complete the lab at home (takes about a week for the rock candy to form), write a complete formal lab report according to the lab report rubric, and bring in the rock candy that you made. Directions for the lab are found below: