Week 10/22-10/26 CHEMISTRY

Monday- Molar Volume

Opening 10.22.18

Molar volume 1

Molar volume 2

Molar volume 3

Tuesday- Combined mole problems 

Moles tutorial

Wednesday- Moles Review

Thursday- Empirical and Molecular formulas

Combined mole problem 10.25.18

Empirical formulas 1

Empirical formulas 2

Empirical formulas 3

Empirical formulas 4

Friday- Moles Lab 

Week 10/15-10/19 CHEMISTRY

Monday- Percent composition

Percent composition video tutorial

percent composition notes 10.9.18

Tuesday-Moles and Avogadro’s number

Converting between moles, atoms, and molecules video tutorial

Moles and Avogadros number 10.16.18

Wednesday- Moles and Mass/grams Relationships

Moles to mass conversions video tutorial

Moles to mass notes

moles to mass example 1

moles to mass example 2

Thursday- Moles and Mass

Moles to mass practice problem 1

Moles to mass practice problem 2

Moles to mass practice problem 3

Moles to mass practice problem 4

Remedial day/Review for test

Friday- Unit 3A test- Balancing equations, types of chemical reactions and evidence of chemical reactions

Week 10/8-10/12 CHEMISTRY

Monday- Molar Mass & Evidence of a Chemical Reaction

molar mass notes

molar mass examples

How to calculate molar mass video

Evidence of  a Chemical reaction lab

Tuesday- Percent Composition

molar mass opening answer 10.9.18

percent composition notes 10.9.18

percent composition example 10.9.18

Calculating between moles and mass video

Converting between Moles, Atoms, & Molecules

Wednesday-No class PSAT 

Thursday- No class Advisement/Pep rally

Friday- Ozone article/ Reading comprehension